Fantastic Four Spider-Man director Jon Watts is leaving the Marvel reboot

The scheduled Fantastic Four reboot needs an entirely new director. According to the Deadline reports the director Jon Watts has left the project. The main reason behind the decision is that Watts initially needs to step away of the genre superheroes. The director before had directed the Spider-Man trilogy, which starred Tom Holland, with the third installment in particular an enormous box-office success.

Marvel Studios has already confirmed Watts his departure. In the statement, Marvel CEO Kevin Feige acknowledged Watts decision and said they plan to collaborate with the director again in the near future. Watts’ next film in contrast will be announced soon. Apple has secured the rights to the director’s thriller that stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

It’s unclear at the moment what the future is going to play out. Fantastic Four will proceed. Marvel has announced the new film at Comic Con 2019 However, the film hasn’t set a release date. In the meantime, Marvel can take the necessary time to choose the perfect director. An absence of projects in the pipeline isn’t to be expected at all.

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