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Home > News > Farm-sim game Homestead Arcana announced for Xbox Series X/S and PC

Farm-sim game Homestead Arcana announced for Xbox Series X/S and PC

Farm-sim game Homestead Arcana announced for Xbox Series X S and PC

Journey into lands of corruption to discover spells, plants, and the mysteries of Miasma within Homestead Arcana!

Homestead Arcana is an upcoming 3rd-person exploration farming simulation game that lets you be a farmer witch in a corrupted landscape. It is developed by Serenity Forge and Skybound Games, Homestead Arcana is coming shortly on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series as well as PC through Steam.

The official trailer for the announcement showcases what players can expect from this game, including the world as well as the dangers that threaten it and what you can expect from Billie as the witch farmer who is on a mission for a better world.

Homestead Arcana is a single-player game where you take on the role of farmer witch and pioneer living on land that’s been mysteriously corrupted by Miasma. It’s your job to find out the reason for its appearance, develop plans to enhance your abilities, and utilize nature’s magic to restore the soil.

When you play as Billie, you’ll build your own homestead from scratch. You’ll get the chance to explore new plants and tend to your growing garden while you work to restore the soil. The game is where you’ll be able to can make the landscape and everything surrounding you yours.

To eliminate the corruption of the landscape, you need to explore the Miasma and unravel its mysteries. However, in this twisted zone, dangerous and ill-equipped creatures are free to roam. While exploring it, you could discover the most powerful and innovative plants and spells that can be used to improve your garden.

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Explore deeper into the Miasma to discover fresh recipes, new seeds, and more as your garden expands. You’ll have to use your talents to create spells and prepare yourself for the various challenges to overcome the Miasma by bringing your cat home, Huckleberry.

The cost of the game and release date are yet to be confirmed.