Fear Effect Reinvented finally gets a new trailer

Fear Effect, the classic action film with a cel-shaded look that was released in 2000, finally unveils the trailer for the remake that is awe-inspiring.

Fear Effect Reinvented, an action-packed and stealthy remake working for some time it finally showcased fresh footage with a quick teaser trailer. It also revealed key plot details to the uninitiated.

The official teaser features gameplay, and an amazing soundtrack, and ends by promising that fans will be able to see a date for release “sooner than you think”. The full trailer is on the publisher’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

Original Fear Effect is an action-adventure masterpiece, particularly because of its groundbreaking cel-shading design. It’s a unique look that adds character and depth, commonly found in sleeper films such as Jet Set Radio Future which also set out to create a rebellious, dystopian futuristic future.

Fear Effect has seen several sequels. However, odd tangents such as Fear Effect Sedna, which was an isometric version of the series, did not resonate with the fans. Unfortunately, this is because of the small budget however certain elements of the story and mechanics weren’t exactly in line with expectations.

The remake promises fresh “gameplay, graphics, and controls” as well as the story of the original will be extended across three distinct campaigns. The goal of a remake is usually to introduce new graphics and controls, or to improve the mechanics, and adjusting the story is quite a bold move.

Because a lot of remakes depend on nostalgia, they can be able to disappoint your fans by moving the story in a different direction. As of now, the experience of those choices hasn’t been good for the sequels, all of which were met with mixed reviews.

However, the original Fear Effectcame out around 20 years ago, and the majority of the players are likely to be new players. The horror, puzzle, and team dynamic of the game made it a classic that had a distinctive style of play which is why we hope that this new version is just the first step in the franchise’s return.

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