FFVII Remake Banora Apple Juice Promotional Fabrics Shared

Square Enix shared another Ultimate Delusion VII while updating and moderating Instagram. This is also a reference to Disaster Core FFVIIs Banora. As a light slant to the Mako Reactor at FFVII Remake’s beginning, the Banora White apple juice advertisement appears to be coming. The recent thought art drop shows those fabrics.

This is the backstory of Banora White apples, and apples juice that was spread across disaster core. As he travels, he discovers that the place where a new generation of syrians was born from the city is the first Magnificence. Genesis created this drink. They are also known as dumbapples in the game.

Two items of Banora White apple cider are banned on the FFVII Remake. The poster is the first item on the list. This seems to be in-game in more than one location. Despite the apparent increase in the number events in the past one cannot wait until his death. This picture shows a sweet little girl drinking the juice. The second piece looks more like a label. It also includes a higher-quality piece that looks like a dumbapple.


This new proportion is after it was revealed that Disaster Core FFVII will be returning. The movement, Sq., was launched on the fifth September. Enix announced the Reunion model for the sport on all platforms. The sport will be used as a new character model and new interface.

Ultimate Delusion VII Remake is available for the PlayStation 4, while FFVII Remake Intergrade can be used on the PlayStation 5 via Epic Video games Retailer or Steam. The Disaster Core FFVII Reunion remaster is available at Nintendo Transfer, PS4, Xbox 5, Xbox One and PC in Wintry Weather 2022.

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