Fight Club author says the “irony” of China’s censored movie is that it’s more similar to the book

Fight Club creator Chuck Palahniuk has commented about the ending of the film being blocked to prevent the online release China and said that it’s more like his book than director David Fincher’s final scene.

In Fincher’s 1999 adaptation the novel by Palahniuk, the film concludes with the unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) taking down his imaginary alter-ego Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). He as well as Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) remain in the background and look on as the buildings explode in the course in Durden’s Project Mayhem.

According to the Vice the report, there are no buildings that are destroyed in the new ending as the sequence is unduly replaced with the following text: “Through the clue provided by Tyler the police swiftly identified the entire scheme and detained all criminals and successfully stopped the bomb from going off. Following being tried, Tyler was sent to an asylum for lunatics receiving psychotherapy. Tyler was released from the hospital in 2012.”

“The irony is that the way the Chinese have changed it is they’ve aligned the ending almost exactly with the ending of the book, as opposed to Fincher’s ending, which was the more spectacular visual ending,” Palahniuk explained to The New York Times. “So in a way, the Chinese brought the movie back to the book a little bit.”

He said: “What I find really interesting is that my books are heavily banned throughout the US. The Texas prison system refuses to carry my books in their libraries. A lot of public schools and most private schools refuse to carry my books. But it’s only an issue once China changes the end of a movie? I’ve been putting up with book banning for a long time.”

The novel has even been updated to better reflect the Fincher movie. “A lot of my overseas publishers have edited the novel so the novel ends the way the movie ends,” the author said. “So I’ve been dealing with this kind of revision for like 25 years.”

Fincher’s next film will be The Killer, which will be a story of an assassin. It will premiere on Netflix. While we wait for it to hit the small screen, take a look at our collection of most popular Netflix films available to catch right now.

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