Final Fantasy 16 is a novel with mature themes, and is now in almost every country being rated M

Niko Yoshida revealed that Final Fantasy 16 would be the first main series installment to earn the rating M in most countries. To tell a story with mature themes and no limits, the deciding factor is important.

Except for Final Fantasy Type-0, and Stranger of Paradise spin-offs, all main series games have either a T or an E rating (13+ or 10+), so Final Fantasy 16 is the first game to achieve M rating. – by the ESRB. The European scoreboard PEGI and board rated the game, with the exception of 18.

Yoshida told GameSpot that he believes restrictive ratings are necessary to ensure people enjoy content that is appropriate for their age. However, he suggested that you try to tell more mature stories without exceeding the limits of what is suitable for most young people. This can, however, also cause problems in game development.

Yoshida stated that if you attempt to tell a story about difficult themes, it may become a problem. Based on this rating, you have to modify the items that you want to do in the game. It is possible to show something but you will have to change the way your camera views certain elements. This makes the experience less authentic.

It can only tell the story about two characters. However, in the end it would be more effective if the theme was mature.

To ensure that the story we want to tell is told the right way, we decided to go for a mature rating in most of the regions we will be opening the game. We didn’t want to make the game violent or explicit. However, we felt the need to explore more mature themes in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released in the summer 2023, we remind you.

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