Final Fantasy 16: Square Enix brings new characters to life

Square Enix profiles two characters from Final Fantasy 16. We have updated the screenshots to show the story of Valisthea.


Square Enix provided more information about the game in a separate article that featured the trailer for the video game and the release window announcement from yesterday (June 2).

The first name of Clive Rosfield is not the same as the Archduke’s squatter, but the new character has no title. Hugo Kupka is an extremely reliable economic advisor, but, fortunately for players, the Eikon, which is named after summons and Titan, is also responsible.

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“Whenever a well-known soldier entered the Republican Army, his awakening to The Dominant the Eikon Titan made he a go–to leader in Dhalmekian politics.” reads the post. He used his position as the most powerful man of the republic to influence government’s military policy and make a personal fortune.

But money and power don’t have to be everything. Benedikta Sheman, not unlike a second novel, teaches him that money and power aren’t everything.

Harman “emerged out of the storm of youth coldhearted and ruthless” in which she is Dominant (she has a summon) of Eikon Garuda. She addressed the wind. Harman is paired together with her sword- and subterfuge talent, making her a well-known informant.

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He wrote that he was on a mission to find the distant second Eikon Of Fire and that she crossed paths with a Likeminded Clive. She will confront her past.”

New screenshots focus on the western fantasy-blended World of Valisthea in Final Fantasy 16, with its many landscapes, cities, and creepy tombs.

Producer Yoshida Naoki revealed that Final Fantasy 16 will feature high-octane battles in which Clive Rosfield, the protagonist, has his complete arsenal of weapons exclusive to Eikons games.


The game can now be played from start to finish. Square Enix’s top-notch development team is taking care of everything until summer.

Final Fantasy 16 was revealed as the first of many players to be included in Sony’s State of Play. Check out the complete roundup to see everything that’s been announced, including Resident Evil 4 Remake, Horizon: Call of the Mountain and more.

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