Final Fantasy 16’s Story is Much More Personal Than Past Games

Final Fantasy games are not strangers to captivating storytelling. But Final Fantasy 16 promises a more personal story than any other Final Fantasy game.

The upcoming JRPG Final Fantasy16 will continue the legacy of dramatic storytelling and compelling storytelling that has made this franchise so popular. Clive Rosfield is the Archduke’s firstborn son. Players will play as him in Valisthea. Clive swears to protect Joshua but ends up taking a dark road after tragic eventsThese events are not yet fully understood, but it does suggest that players should expect a deeply personal narrative experience from the beginning of the journey.

Clive Rosfield’s story is not that different from any other heroes or memorable protagonists throughout the franchise. However, if you look closer at his character, and the world around it, you will see the differences. Final Fantasy 16 will let players take control of Clive during three crucial and distinct phases in his life: his teens, his twenties, as well as his thirties. It is unknown how long each segment will take, but it does mean that players will have the opportunity to watch Clive evolve and change over a large period of time. Players will be able to witness key events that Clive experiences in his personal battle through Valisthea as the world changes around him.

Final Fantasy 16 plans to have a Mature rating by the ESRB and a PEGI18 rating in Europe. This contrasts with Final Fantasy 7: Remake which chose to reduce certain scenes to keep the film in a lower rating bracket. Naoki Yoshida, FF16 producer, confirmed that the game will be kept mature-rated. This was because it would be able to explore some of its adult themes.

Final Fantasy 16seems keen to do things differently, drawing on some of thematic elements from the older 2D games. This is evident in the high fantasy setting. The use of modern technology in recent installments is not used here, instead being relegated to a world that is more reminiscent of Game of Thrones’ Westeros. Although the games are very different in terms of their locations and their events, there are some common themes. Most importantly, most mainline games feature strong and relatable protagonists.

Final Fantasy 7 is a great example. It is not only one of the most popular Final Fantasy video games, but also one of the most enduring video games ever made. Cloud Strife, the game’s protagonist, is often cited as an interesting and complex character that inspired many other characters. Not every Final Fantasyprotagonist is a huge success. Prince Noctis, Final Fantasy 15 was the most recent example of someone not as beloved as others. Clive’s past characters certainly cast a shadow over him. He will need to take a stronger role as one of the franchise’s strongest protagonists in order to create a more personal story.

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