Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion Has Hickory: Reunion Remaster

Official Japanese site for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 and Reunion states that it’s “greater than a mere HD remaster” and also provides some more details about the Remaster.

The 25th Anniversary stream one of the biggest surprises that Square Enix included was the Crisis Core remaster called After the Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion. Even though it’s a remake, some people thought it could be one of the remakes due to the enhancements to the graphics have received. It turns out that it’s not. Japanese site for Reunion is more than a remake, also.

Finally, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core isn’t perfect. It’s still a remake’s place.

After news of an event, Crisis Core – Reunion, Square Enix Japan posted a online version of their game that gives details on the game’s story via an explanation page. Unfortunately, the website’s launch comes just two days after the announcement isn’t available in the English version. It’s a good thing, Twitter user aitaikimochi has translated the “about” section of the website, revealing its truth and explaining the truth of Reunion.

In the original translation, made by aitaikimochi the translations by aitaikimochi are as follows: they wrote on their site “Corisis Core” Final Fantasy 7 is a deeply personal novel that was published in 2007 and has since become a popular piece in the series. The story is tied in a way to Final Fantasy 7. In the future the is going to be revived using the highest quality.”

The description states that the game is being replaced with new models , but it seems to be using similar animations. “With taking advantage of the latest HD images, each the characters featured in the game will be given an entirely new 3D model. In the midst of a story full of drama The game will fully voiced and will feature songs that have been rearranged, and are stunningly transformed. It will also be designed to be as smooth as it is possible and include a variety of battle strategies.”

Following a redesign the site provides a savage and brutal review of Crisis Core Reunion, saying that it has “morphed to become something larger than a simple remaster”. There are numerous other examples of the same game, and it’s fun to imagine Square taking down the microphone when it states that.

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