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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Best Mods (2022)

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake The best Mods Weapons, Visuals miscellaneous, characters, and more!


Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – FFVIIHOOK – INI And DEV Console Unlocker Mod

The dev console is unlocked which gives access to console commands as well as easy modifications to the game’s CVars and also the ability to allow free INI files to load into the game’s configuration folder!

  • Version 1.5
    • Support is added for 2022/06/18 Steam releases
  • Version 1.4a
    • Support for 2021/01/11 added v1.001 game update
    • A little improved code for DLL loading and unloading could assist those with problems with DLL not unloading correctly. (I do not know what caused the problem with unloading I’m not sure whether this can help those with this issue.)
    • Wrap support “XAPOFX1_5.dll” file (FFVIIHook DLL is a renamed version that can be used in the event that xinput1_3.dll isn’t in use)
  • Version 1.4
    • The game can now tell whether r.SetRes was modified by the player, therefore the lockresolution.txt file will no longer be required. simply add an r.SetRes section to Engine.ini and the game won’t override it.
    • Patch added to force in-game resolution settings to utilize exclusive fullscreen, in the event that the “usefullscreen.txt” file exists next to one of the EXEs (so when you are using DX11 mode, selecting any resolution in the game’s settings will play it exclusively fullscreen)
  • Version 1.3a
    • (v1.3) This version can now stop the gaming from overwriting r.SetRes when the “lockresolution.txt” file exists next to the game EXE. (note not implemented in 1.4)
    • This version comes with an example Engine.ini which can be copied to the WindowsNoEditor folder.
  • Version 1.2
    • This prevents the game from overriding the “t.MaxFPS” cvar if it’s been set in Engine.ini
    • Will be able to detect the error if it’s placed on top of an incorrect EXE (eg. ff7remake.exe rather than ff7remake_.exe) and let the users know what to do to install it correctly.
  • Version 1.1
    • This allows for free files to load from games folders, without having to be saved in the format of a . PAK (useful to test your modifications!)
    • The loose INI file (like the typical files in UE4 Engine.ini or Engine.ini) are now read by the game
  • Version 1.0a
    • Fixed crash while checking if the console was opened or not.
  • Version 1.0
    • The initial version allows the dev-console to be opened and lets input be transmitted to it.

Download FFVIIHOOK for INI Download and Dev Console Unlocker Mod here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Dynamic Resolution Disabler Mod

The game is prevented by preventing dynamic resolution completely.



Best Nikita AVT Loadout Warzone –

Best EX1 Loadout Warzone – Meta Build (2022) –

Best MP40 Loadout Warzone –

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Best JAK-12 Loadout Warzone –

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The Dynamic Resolution download DIsabler MOD >> here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Purple Dress Tifa Mod

Gives Tifa her dress in purple!

  • Version 1.0
    • Purple Dress Tifa

Download the Purple Dress Mod Tifa Mod >> here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Sexy Dress Aerith Mod

Gives Aerith her seductive dress throughout the whole game! It is a great weapon in battle!

  • Version 1.0
    • Sexy Dress Aerith

The Sexy Dress Download Mod Aerith Mod More here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Tifa Invisible Weapons Mod

This modification transforms all Tifa’s gloves invisibly. It is not recommended to use it in conjunction with her basic costume, or she’ll not have hands.

Download Tifa Invisible Weapons Mod > here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Fix Lag Or Freeze In Cg Movies (English And Japanese Movies) Mod

Fix Lag or freezes in CG Movies
Quality and resolution have not changed.
The frame rate for the selected Movies only frames rate is 29.9 as opposed to 59.9 currently and the bit rate is proportional to the frame rate.

Download Fix Lag, or Freeze in Cg Movies (English and Japanese Movies) Mod > here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Invisible Grappling Hook Mod

It makes the hook invisible in all situations.

Install Invisible Hook Mod here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – 3DMigoto Base Mod For FFVII Remake

3DMigoto Base Mod Install custom for FFVIIR to let custom textures be added to the game.

  • Version 9.9.92
    • Help menu fix (previously uploaded the incorrect file)
  • Version 9.9.91
    • Some hair and other fixes for material
  • Version .9.9.93
    • Minor adjustment.
  • Version .9.9.9
    • The update is now compatible using Mesh Mods. Still requires a lot of cleaning prior to 1.0
  • Version .9.9
    • Updated to improve shader compatibility, as well as for smaller analysis dumps of frames.
  • Version .9
    • Base Mod Initial Release

Download 3DMigoto Base Mod for FFVII Remake >> here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Hair Colors For Aerith, Cloud, And Tifa Mod

Hair colors to match this trio. A simple file that you can place in your pak folder, or your mods folder

Choose one color each. It works with every costume swap currently.

Download Hair Colors for Cloud, Aerith, and The Tifa Mod here. here

Final Fantasy VII Remake Best Mods – Buffed Star Brazalet Mod

This mod grants this mod gives the Star Bracelet 8 material slots and various stat increases. There are several versions available with descriptions under each file.

No longer taking requests There are enough options to choose from. There’s also an approximate guideline in the post section.

You can download Buffed Star Brazalet Mod > here

Advent Reshade – HDR FX Mod

A true next-generation ReShade which will provide extremely precisely HDR light effects for your games and much more! It is fast and simple to install.

  • Version FX1
    • Minor enhancements to bloom, sharpening, etc.

Download Advent Reshade HDR-FX MOD here. here

Honoka Tifa Costume 4 Mod

Gives Tifa Honoka’s 4th Costume from DOA 6

Download Honoka Tifa Costume 4 Mod > here

Aerith Sexy Dress Swap Fix Mod

It is a guarantee that Aerith always wears Her Sexy Dress.

Download Aerith’s Sexy Dress Swap Fix Mod here

Classic Original Tifa Outfit

Single .pak mesh file removes black undershirt, and swaps skirt, suspenders as well as stockings as well as arm protectors, and boots to match their Dissidia garment models. Custom cloth sculpting on a white tank top and also.

The Download Mod is available here

Cloud Advent Children Outfit Mod

A huge shoutout and a big thank you to Sreliata, JuJuB, and Narknon for their help with this.

Gives Cloud his Advent Children Outfit

Cloud Advent Children’s Outfit Mod here. here

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