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Final Gear Quiz Answers: Full List

Question: Who is Blacark’s founder?
Answer: Zero

Question: Who is the captain for “Health and Happiness Sisterhood?”
Answer: Favia

Question: Who is Leight trying to avenge
Answer: Her father

Question: Who is Cerberus’ Exclusive Pilot?
Answer: Bernadette

Question: Who is Akarna’s captain?
Answer: Leangle


Question: What’s Favia’s Height
Answer: 170 cm

Question: What’s the name of Evelynn & Carols Exclusive Mecha?
Answer: White Crow MKII

Question: What does Aya Kujyou like?
Answer: Flower

Question: In what Mercenary Team is Evelynn?
Answer: Blacark

Question: Which are the Three Main Forces?
Answer: Hexel. Kegha. Arita


Question: What would Sweety do if she was upset?
Answer: Cry

Question: What’s Chilino’s role on Steel Witch’s team, Steel Witch?
Answer: A good-natured mechanic

Question: What’s Helena good at?
Answer: Calming down

Question: What’s Xime?
Answer: Fast Bunny


Question: How does Bathtory like opening sentences?
Answer: In theory

Question: How did Nizzy train to be a perfect combatant?
Answer: Test combat machines

Question: What is Coreleah’s official position?
Answer: Commander of Northern Army

Question: To what family is Sumora?
Answer: The Designers’ Family


Q. Q.
A. A.

Question: What hobbies are not included in Aita?
Answer: Tea and reading newspapers

Question: What happened with Cynthia’s sister, Cynthia?
Answer: She was very ill

Question: What’s Rebeyrca called?
Answer: Valkyrie


Question: Which pet would Esmeralda like?
Answer: Cats

Question: What talent does Patti possess?
Answer: Photographic memory

Question: Which creature is Evelynn?”
Answer: AI

Question: What hobbies are not included in Aya’s hobby list?
Answer: Swordplay


Q. Q.
A. Collecting screws

Question: What’s the name of Eggy’s duo band with Peggy?
Answer: Aperi

Question: What’s Sinori’s height
Answer: 130 cm

Question: How big is Shyaditty?
Answer: A-Cup


Question: What’s Veronica’s favorite hobby?
Answer: Collecting antiques

Question: What’s the name of the group Alexa founded?
Answer: Shapeshifter

Question: What was Viorate once?
Answer: A slave in Kegha

Question: What research interests Rinbell?
Answer: Hybridization


Question: Which food would Shmily like?
Answer: Vegetarian meals

Question: What is Evelynn interested in?
Answer: Videogames

Question: What is excluded from Favia’s tasks?
Answer: Sweeping

Question: What is Ada’s dislike?
Answer: Studying


Question: What does Murasaki dislike?
Answer: Cockroaches

Question: What is Memay most afraid of?
Answer: Strangers

Question: What is a 16-year-old’s dislike?
Answer: Routine maintenance

Question: What does Danngo Kobayashi dislike?
Answer: You can eat without water


Question: Who was Taysia once?
Answer: An aristocrat

Question: What is Miroa’s official position?
Answer: Minister for Intelligence

Question: What research area is Lin Beier?
Answer: Fusion experiment

Question: What’s Miloa’s job?
Answer: Information Department Manager


Question: How tall does Snowy stand?
Answer: 130 cm

Question: Amber is how tall?
Answer: 149 cm

Question: Jasmine has been married multiple times.
Answer: 6

Question: Why Dolores doesn’t like fighting?
Answer: I am afraid of getting dirty


Question: Was Jessie once a patrol officer?
Answer: The Desert

Question: From where did Nova emerge?
Answer: Corbero

Question: To whom was Bernadette assigned as a bodyguard in the past?
Answer: Devil’s Order

Question: From where did the name ComiBoni originate?
Answer: A hamster and goldfish.


Question: When is Elizabeth born?
Answer: 24/2/2021

Question: When was Margaret appointed the personal guard for the princess?
Answer: 20

Question: For which side did Natasha work once?
Answer: The North

Question: What institute created Ariel
Answer: Shedd Institute


Question: What part of the combined mech is Blade responsible for?
Answer: Frame

Question: From which mercenary group comes PN26 Illeheath?
Answer: Paranoid

Question: In what area has Yogui displayed an extraordinary talent?
Answer: Music

Final Gear Quiz Answers: How to?

The steps to take the Quiz


  1. Start Final gear on your device
  2. Expand the main screen and tap Hall of Fame (Trophy Icon).
  3. Tap the Quiz button (on the top).


You will receive 5 Final Gear Quiz questions each day that you take the quiz. We would appreciate it if you left a comment if any of the questions you were asked are not on the previous list. We will then try to find the answer.

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