Fire Emblem From the insider’s presentation about the new main game?

Emily Rogers, a very popular creator within the Nintendo panorama she has announced the first details of the game. That will be part of the Fire Emblemwhich may soon be announced and be available in stores earlier than anticipated.

According to information via Famiboards that The next Fire Emblem will be a unreleased game. Not a remake, thus with a new story. The game was developed by Gust. Koei Tecmos studio and creator of the JRPG Atelier series. The team was focused on the graphic interface and user interface of computer systems. The technical industry is set to become the victim of three houses. This is an illustration in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Rogers states that the game went into production to mark thirty years of Fire Emblem series (which occurred in the year 2020). And the work is now complete for more than an entire year, meaning the game could be ready to be sold at any time.

Fire Emblem

Finally, Emily Rogers says that the main character is a mother to dragons and that the red and blue hairstyle indicates that the character of the person is dominant. In this game , the possibility of an expanded mechanic gives players to include characters from previous Fire Emblems to your team.

We suggest that you make the same mistakes like the springs, since they’re not verified. To determine the truth, do we not be waiting too for too long, as the information from Alanah Pierce the game’s next installment, dubbed Nintendo Direct will take place on June 30, 2013.

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