Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Gifts Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Gifts guide – Black Eagles Blue Lions, Golden Deers. This is the best way to increase support


Owl Feather is a gift that every character will love, but it’s best to use the most liked gifts first.


Three Hopes Fire Emblem Warriors Best Gifts Guide – Black Eagles

The best gifts for Black Eagles characters

  • Edelgard – Armored Bear Stuffy. Monarch Studies Book. Board Game. Carnation. Owl Feather.
  • Hubert – Board Game, Coffee Beans and The History of Fodlan. Owl Feather
  • Ferdinand – Riding Boots. Whetstone. Tea Leaves. Owl Feather.
  • Linhardt – Fishing Floats, Tasty Baked Treats, Book of Crest Designs and Owl Feather
  • Caspar – Smoked Meats, Training Weights, Hunting Daggers, Whetstones, Owl Feather
  • Bernadetta – Armored Bear Stuffy and Watering Can, Book of Sheet Music Owl Feather, Dapper. Handkerchief, Landscape painting, Pitcher Plant, Owl Feather
  • Dorothea – Gemstone Beads and Book of Sheet Music, Stylish Clip, Owl Feather
  • Petra – Smoked Meats, Hunting Daggers, Exotic Spices Sunflower, Owl Feather
  • Monica : Hunting Dagger. Arithmetic Textbook. The History of Fodlan. Owl Feather. Monarch. Studies Book. Carnation.

Three Hopes Fire Emblem Warriors Best Gifts Guide Blue Lions

The best gifts for Blue Lions characters

  • Dimitri : Ceremonial sword, Training weight, Riding boots, Whetstone and Owl Feather
  • Dedue – Exotic Spices and Floral Adornment. Watering Can. Owl Feather.
  • Sylvain – Board Game, Dapper Handkerchief Landscape Painting, Owl Feather
  • Felix – Ceremonial sword, smoked meat, training weight, hunting dagger, owl feather
  • Ashe : Exotic Spices and Ancient Coin, Violet. Baked Treats, Legends of Chivalry. Owl Feather.
  • Mercedes – Tasty Baked Treats, Gemstone Beads and Armored Bear Stuffy. Goddess Statuette. Lavender. Owl Feather.
  • Annette : Book of Sheet Music and Arithmetic Textbook. Stylish Hair Clip, Owl Feather.
  • Ingrid – Legends of Chivalry and Smoked Meat. Riding Boots. Owl Feather.
  • Rodrigue – Whetstones, Hunting Daggers, Riding Boots and Blue Cheese, Smoked Meat, Owl Feather

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: Best Gifts Guide for Golden Deers

Best gifts for Golden Deers’ characters:

  • Claude
  • Lorenz : Floral Adornment. Tea Leaves. Book of Sheet Music. Rose. Owl Feather.
  • Raphael – Smoked Meats, Training Weights, Tasty Baked Treats, Blue Cheese, Owl Feather
  • Ignatz – Ancient Coin, Landscape Paintings, Goddess Statuette and Ceremonial Sword. Owl Feather.
  • Lysithea : Armored Bear Stuffy. Arithmetic Textbook. Tasty Baked Treat. Book of Crest Designs. Lily. Owl Feather.
  • Marianne : Dapper Handkerchief. Floral Adornment. Armored Bear Stuffy. Lily of the Valley. Owl Feather. Owl Feather.
  • Hilda – Gemstone Beads. Dapper Handkerchief. Book of Sheet Music. Stylish, Hair Clip. Armored Bear Stuff. Anemone. Owl Feather.
  • Leonie : Hunting Daggers, Training Weights, Fishing Floats, Owl Feathers
  • Holst – Training Weight, Board Game. Exotic Spices. Owl Feather.

Other Characters

The best gifts for other characters’ characters

  • Jeritza : Rose, Tasty Baked treat, Hunting Daggers, Whetstones, Owl Feather
  • Manuela – Goddess Statuette. Book of Sheet Music. Gemstone Beads. Blue Cheese. Owl Feather.
  • Shamir : Hunting Daggers, Book of Sheet Music and Exotic Spices.
  • Catherine – Training Weight, Whetstone and Legends of Chivalry Blue cheese, Owl Feather
  • Yuri, Tasty Baked Treats, Board Game, Goddess Statuette. Arithmetic Textbook. Owl Feather
  • Balthus – Ceremonial Swords, Ancient Coins, Whetstones, Blue Cheese, Owl Feather
  • Constance : Tea Leaves. Book of Crest Designs. Lily of the Valley. Arithmetic Textbook. Owl Feather.
  • Hapi – Hunting Dagger. Smoked Meat. Exotic Spices. Tasty Baked Treat. Coffee Beans. Pitcher Plant. Owl Feather.
  • Byleth – Hunting Daggers, Whetstones, Training Weights, Fishing Floats, The History of Fodlan and Owl Feather
  • Jeralt : Whetstones, Whetstones, Blue Cheeses, Fishing Floats, Smoked Meats, Owl Feathers
  • Gatekeeper – Goddess Statuette. Book of Sheet Music. The History of Fodlan. Owl Feather.
  • Seteth – Fishing Float. The History of Fodlan. Dapper Handkerchief. Owl Feather.
  • Flayn – Tasty Baked Treats, Armored Bear Stuffys, Stylish Hair Clip Dappers Handkerchiefs, Forget-me–nots, Owl Feather


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