Focus, after a second stint with the European Dota -2 roster, has started focus

Tasos Michailidis, Focus Michailidis, announced his resignation from the team today. This marks the end to Focus’ second tenure. The player joined the team in 2020. He left the team after a year and was replaced by Dmitry Nefrit Tarasich.

Focus replaced Nefrit within four months of his first departure.

Today, we used Focus as a shortcut. We are grateful for all your help. Your magic brings you joy. Nigma is under attack. https://t.co/jDPqb4vV?

BrameEsports (20.-23.5), June 20, 2022 – / BrameEsports/ / BrameEsports (22.-22.).

The second division of Western European DPC saw the start of Focus 2 class of Brame. They were able to avoid relegation by showing courage. The match against the Entity was tiedbreaker in the first half. They lost.

Brame did not have any roster changes, even though it was in the second division. Brame currently plays in the second division for three seasons and has a record with one win and two losses. Brame could be in contention for the top two spots if Nigma and ITB lose their form.

Focus has not yet been confirmed and Brame plans to play against Nigma using a stand-in. The international competition would be the Brames’ newest member.

Brame is still in the running for the International competition. However, Brame’s departure could mean the end of his road. Focus hopes to reach TI this season. But if Brame fails to do so, he may be able to get another spot in a current competition.

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