For All Mankind: Trailer for the third season of the Apple series

Apple TV+ has released new trailers for the third season of For All Mankind . The new episodes are already in initial blocks, and will be released on the 10th of June. The third season has 10 episodes, which are aired on an ongoing basis.

For All Mankind has been set in a different world in which the USSR has triumphed in its race for the moon over the USA. In the end, both nations continued their battle to win the space race and NASA began to recruit the first females as astronauts in its NASA space programme in the 1970s. The series’ creator for the series is its show runner Ronald D. Moore ( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , Battlestar Galactica , Outlander: The Highland Saga ).

After the 2nd season had a time jump into in the 80s, Season 3 leaps back to a decade. The show premieres in the 1990s. the storyline of these new episodes centers around a new race against the two superpowers USA as well as USSR. Both are determined to claim the title of the first on the spaceship Mars. And that’s not all. there is a new player in the race and wants to be the winner of the race.

Season 3 stars the same cast in the role of Joel Kinnaman, Shantel VanSanten, Jodi Balfour, Sonya Walger, Krys Marshall, Cynthy Wu, Casey Johnson, Coral Pena and Wrenn Schmidt. As the new lead is Edi Gathegi who plays the billionaire Dev Ayesa.

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