Forgive us to back to steam on a Takedown request relating to Trademark Infringement

Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter that was released in Early Access 2021. It returns to Steam following a takedown request made against us for trademark infringement.

According to NME, the issue led to a mass shooting at the nightclub and another shooting on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Ready or Not nightclub was a Prysm.

VOID Interactive announced today that its game is back on Steam. It said that it was sorry for the downtime and hoped it wasn’t too annoying.


VOID Interactive (@VOIDInteractive) June 18, 2022.

After addressing rumors that Ready or Not was taken down and associated pages on Steam on Thursday, June 16, 2016, the company apologized.

Steam sent a takedown request regarding an infringement clause in our Night Club map. This was shared in our last Steam update.

“Ready or Not” will be added to the Steam Store pages and our YouTube channel. We expect them to be restored once the editing process is complete.

VOID has not addressed the controversy surrounding the release of the map on the anniversary Pulse nightclub shooting. However, Twitter users have suggested that the takedown was not directly linked to it but rather to the name being very similar to the UK nightclub chain.

It’s not the first time Ready or Not has been criticized by the raging bid. The publisher team at voID Interactive split with the team17 just one day after the developer said it would be a school shooting level.

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