Fortnite and Wolverine come together – how to get the Marvel hero

Fortnite and Wolverine come together – how to get the Marvel hero

Fortnite has had Wolverine before , but Wolverine is back and more powerful than ever before, complete with the special weapon and back-bling the comb. Here’s how to get Wolverine in Fortn

Fortnite and Wolverine are back once more, and everyone’s favorite Marvel character is better than ever. If you’re looking to learn how to unlock Wolverine in Fortnite there aren’t any requirements to meet for you to obtain Wolverine. All you have to do is join Fortnite Crew at any time in August and you’ll be able to get the entire Adamantium-plated set.

Fortnite Crew is the monthly subscription to Fortnite that gives players new skins, 1,000 V-Bucks per month and acces to the Battle Pass, too. If you are certain that you’ll be playing Fortnite often this is a great option to make your game more profitable and to get a brand every month a new skin.

The August Fortnite Crew bundle brings the game Wolverine Zero, a new look at the character who’s not just carrying an eye patch and the most deep V-neck that we’ve ever seen but also the powerful Muramasa blade. Muramasa can be a term that you’ve probably heard before — a famous swordsmith dating back the past and their name is attributed to numerous blades used in games and popular culture.

The Marvel version of Muramasa is a legendary swordsman with a variety of blades, of which two are quite integral to Wolverine as an actor. The version that Wolverine comes with in this month’s Fortnite Crew pack seems to be made of an unidentified alloy that gives the character a stunning red color.

There’s also theories that suggest the return of earlier Marvel characters to the shop. This is thanks HypeX who tweeted that the shop’s section was added recently, meaning that users are able to purchase the characters again.

In another piece of Fortnite information, you can be taking a break from shooting at each other to play around playing around with the Fall Guys-inspired map. It is also possible to test your skills with several other games in our top battle royales guide.

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