Fortnite leak reveals Uncharted-themed Glider

September 15, 2022

Fortnite leaks reveal that one of Sully’s planes from Uncharted will soon join Fortnite.

Fans have been given a glimpse at the upcoming glider, which is based on the action movie Uncharted. The “New” Seaplane Glider is Sully’s and will be released in Chapter 3 of Season 3. You can get an inside look at the leak via @ShiinaBR

The glider is a reference for Sully, who was a mentor, friend, and partner to Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Sully is most well-known for his humorous remarks. The amusing name and tagline accompanying the new cosmetic are a good fit.

Mark Wahlberg played Sully in the film adaptation, in one of the most bizarre casting decisions in recent times. Although the movie brought in new audiences, it was still controversial for many fans. Wahlberg would have been a better fit for Drake (excluding Nathan Fillion’s fanmade short), and Tom Holland didn’t seem to be a good fit either.

Uncharted 4th installment is still a great action-adventure game. It has great character and some really mind-blowing chase sequences. It is rare to find a game that can sustain nine minutes of intense action without losing the thrill.

It looks fantastic. The cosmetic is a perfect mix of cheapness, ugliness, and fine detail. This will make it fun and amusing. Parachuting into battle directly is a Nathan Drake entry.

The response to the glider was positive with many asking for more Unchartedcosmetics.


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