Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics List (Chapter 3 Season 3)

September 18, 2022

We’ve got a complete list of not released skins that are leaked but haven’t yet been made available for sale at this time!

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If you’re looking for a complete list of all the latest Fortnite Skins that have been leaked they’re in the following list! Fortnite Cosmetics Leaks could be released in a variety of ways. They’re usually discovered via data mining, but occasionally platforms may accidentally leak them earlier and promotional images occasionally are published on the internet.

This list will be updated when more data mined or released. This list includes Fortnite leaks as well as skins that aren’t yet released. We’ll also shift the cosmetics that have been released once they’re available in the store.

The majority of the skins listed are going to be made available on the shop in the future. There may be skins that are not available through other means for purchase, such as Save the World, promotions, or quests. The majority of skins are mined and released in one or two weeks however some remain in the database for some time, and we’re still not certain what they’ll look like when they’re released.

Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics List

Datamined Leaks/Un/Confirmed Cosmetics

They are cosmetics that haven’t been found officially in the game’s files or have not been released yet. They’re usually released by playing around with the names of skins’ files and injecting them into the game. It is also possible that there are skins that are teased within the game or in conjunction with Fortnite promotional events.


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