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Fortnite leaks tease Spider-Gwen skin and more for Season 4

Fortnite leaks tease Spider-Gwen skin and more for Season 4

Fortnite pictures have revealed huge teases for Season 4’s Battle Pass which includes Gwen Stacy.

Fortnite HTML0fans have had a peek at some of the forthcoming cosmetics for the battle pass in Season 4. These include the various arms of characters such as Gwen Stacy. The cosmetics will be available as part of the battle pass for Season 4.

This season’s new episode is set to debut on the 18th of September 2022, which gives fans an entire Sunday to get into. Here’s the teaser trailer for Gwen Stacy, from popular Fortniteenthusiast @ShiinaBR

Fans noticed quickly that Gwen’s hand has distinct outfits from the character she portrayed in The Spider-Verse. At first, it could appear like a new costume, or perhaps an attempt to clarify who’s being revealed. But the actual costume is a resemblance to Gwen’s new look in Across the Spider-Verse that isn’t scheduled to be released until June 2nd of 2023.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is widely regarded as an excellent film, cleverly telling the story of Spider-Man’s beginnings with complete comprehension of his character. It covers everything that is what makes Miles Morales tick.

In addition to the humor, heart, as well as those nagging sacrifices and consequences that are the core of the character the visuals, were unique.

A few fans with keen eyes noticed some cel-shading on Gwen’s palm which indicates that her new costume may closely match the character’s appearance on screen in the highly anticipated sequel by Sony. Gwen Stacy has been a beloved character to fans and so far appears to be the triggering event in Across the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man IP continues to be extremely popular today. Particularly with the re-release of No Way Home and the highly praised remastering of Marvel’s Spider-Man which eventually was a Miles Morales spinoff too. Fans will surely enjoy any new and exciting cosmetics that are set in the world of Spidey.

@ShiinaBR also found some other photos to look over on Twitter with each image receiving an explanation and creating excitement from the players:

Then, they revealed an unnamed skin that will be part of Season 4. Season 4 battle pass, and will likely be revealed during the final teaser trailer: