Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Codes

Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes – Best Maps – This selection includes the most creative Murder Mystery maps, codes and links


Incredible Fortnite map list. In this post, you will find Fortnite Murder Mystery Maps lists to share with your friends. We want you to have fun playing Fortnite. We always strive to provide the best Fortnite creative maps across all categories.

Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Codes: Best Maps

These are our top picks for Fortnite’s Murder Mystery Game Maps. We hope you enjoy them and can overcome the challenges.

  • Pro Murder Mystery- 8 Roles Map Code > 6571-0741-2073
  • Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery: Map Code > 9736-4845-6318
  • The Nightmare Forest Map Code > 02039687-0056
  • Murder Swap: Map Code > 5893-263-5834
  • Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Code > 1892-1509-88181
  • Gaming House: Map Code > 9850-284-2309
  • Mansion-Murder Mystery: Map Code > 9850-284-2309
  • Gamerz’s Aquarium! : Map Code > 6132-9723-4875

Each map’s identification code has 12 numbers. There are two hyphens in their middle. You can search them directly using google without any spaces.

We would be grateful if you can find another Murder Mystery code that you like and leave a comment. Let us know if you have any problems with the codes or maps so that we can correct it.


Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Codes Video Preview

A gameplay is the best way to get a feel for each map. This KaidGames video guide will help you better understand each map’s mechanics and see its scenarios before you start to play.

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