Fortnite pro mitr0 exits Team Liquid and Fortnite Competitive

September 16, 2022

Mitr0 has decided to officially be leaving Fortnite’s competitive arena.

Star Fortniteplayer mitr0 who has gained a lot of fans throughout his career, now officially declared his resignation to Team Liquid and the entire Fortnitecompetitive scene. The shocking announcement has already received hundreds of messages, mostly filled with support for the future of the player.

Team Liquid was first to announce the news on Twitter however it wasn’t until Mitr0 followed up via their own feed that it became clear that they’d decided to leave the professional scene completely:

At first, fans believed that the story was about Teams Liquid’s Counter-Strike Global Offensivestar Nitr0. It’s actually focused on Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie who hails from the Netherlands. He joined Team Liquid on January 22 20th, 2020. He’s played a lot consistently since joining the roster.


Mitr0 thanked the company for its help throughout his long and successful career. Mitr0 boasts an impressive 1 million Twitter followers and almost as many on Instagram and has won over his followers with his charming personality and many successes.

Mitr0 hasn’t made any further comments on his decision to leave the renowned professional scene and organization. Fans displayed a lot of affection, however, they were all-over disappointed with the decision. Mitr0 was a significant percentage of Team Liquid fans, so Team Liquid will definitely have to figure out their place in the near future.

The league has experienced many rough changes over the last few days. Its League of Legends team was not in the way they had hoped. And then, yesterday, Team Liquid announced they’d allow the Apex Legends team to find a new representative that fans believe was the result of EA:

Whatever Team Liquid’s issues, however, the company is sure to be in good shape all-around. While they wait, fans should at least be looking forward to mitr0’s next professional move and he’ll probably continue his regular content.


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