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Fortnite Reboot Rally for Chapter 3 Season 4 announced

Fortnite Reboot Rally for Chapter 3 Season 4 announced

Fortnite’s Reboot Rally offers exciting rewards for returning, new, active, and new players!

Fortnite has just announced the launch of the Reboot Rally, offering several game-related rewards!

Fortnite has announced a second Reboot Rally for all new Fortnite players, or for players who participated in Chapter 3 Season 4 (less than two hours of Fortnite within the 30 days that followed Chapter 3 Season 4). Active players are players that have been playing Fortnite for longer than two hours from the start of this season. Reboot Rally will only run starting on September 19 (9 AM ET)) through October 3, 2022 (9 AM ET).

The steps to joining Fortnite’s Reboot Rally event are indicated in the following manner:

  1. * Log in to Fortnite
  2. * Press the menu by pressing it on the very top left of the lobby.
  3. * Find friends, and get partying
  4. “Click to open the “Reboot Rally” banner together with your friends and finish the with quests (findable via the “Quests” page)

Fortnite also states that party members may differ from players too. This means that players are allowed to mix and mix with compatible friends to party with. Players can earn rewards when they accomplish their goals and quests. To track points, just go to the “Quests” page.

Here is a complete list of all Reboot Rally quests:

  • Do one daily quest with a partner to earn 10 points
  • Do three daily quests with a partner to earn 20 points
  • Do six daily quests together with a friend to earn 30 points
  • Invite your friends to join you by visiting their profile or via their “Reboot Rally” banner for 50 points

Players can also earn 5 points for each game played out during Battle Royale, Zero Build, Team Rumble, and Experiences created by creators under the umbrella of Reboot Rally.

Fortnite Reboot Rally for Chapter 3 Season 4 announced

Points earned can be redeemed for the following benefits:

  • Barb-BQ Emoticon for 50 points
  • Newly Forged Wrap with 100 points
  • Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe for 150 points
  • Fire Descent Glider for 200 points