FromSoftware’s Next Game Should Feature an Underwater Location

FromSoftware games have always featured interesting enemies that are from the sea. The studio’s next game will likely feature more.

FromSoftwaregames have many iconic foes. The bosses of the developer get a lot of attention. But regular enemies can also be memorable. FromSoftware’s games have seen many heroes and villains in their adventures. One recurring trend is that enemies who would normally be found in the water have caused problems on land.

Fans will often see the same areas represented by FromSoftware games once the DLC runs are over. One highlight is a snowy area, another is a massive castle, and the last is a city that steals the show. A poisonous area is always cut, despite their obvious dislike. FromSoftware will be releasing a new game with a completely underwater location.

The Fishing Hamlet is the closest to an underwater FromSoftware area. It’s an incredible section of Bloodborne‘s The Old Hunters DLC. You will encounter a variety of terrifying sea creatures in this area. These enemies are extremely difficult and their designs are among the most memorable in the game. This is a testament to the bizarre foes that are included within the PS4 exclusive.

The Fishing Hamlet ends with the Orphans of Kos boss battle, which many gamers consider one of the best and most difficult in the Soulsborne series. The sight of Kos near the sea is a sign that other monsters could lurk below. A future game could bring many threats such as the Shark Giants and bloodborne-old-hunters.

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s most recent release, explored the possibility of an enemy that could be used in an underwater setting. Although it is not the most difficult enemy in the Lands Between but is memorable, the Giant Land Octopus will intimidate players when they first encounter one. There could be many more creatures in the sea. Given the size of the Eldenring playable map, it makes sense that they exist.


How an Underwater Software Level could Work

Video games with underwater levels have a bad reputation because they force players to use swimming mechanics and make complicated combat changes. FromSoftware could solve this problem by giving players the same attacks and movement as they would on land. This could justify the lack of change via some kind of in-universe magic. Players could then fight terrifying swimming enemies without having to alter their gameplay. One only has to look at Returned to understand how underwater levels work. If FromSoftware keeps this in mind, it might deliver an unforgettable location.

The developer could then make the most of the enormous sea size, giving players areas to explore above and below. Deep sea hounds are just one example of enemies that could be made more difficult by players who go deeper into the ocean. FromSoftware’s exceptional art direction could be a shining example of this, as an underwater area with unique lighting, coral and other details would be undoubtedly stunning. FromSoftware has made multiple castle and snow areas feel special over the years. It would be great to see an underwater area with unique lighting, coral, and other details.

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