Nobody Saves the World reveals “Frozen Hearth” DLC trailer

Nobody Saves the World reveals “Frozen Hearth” DLC trailer

Nobody saves the World introduces new challenges, new forms, and gameplay modes in the coming Frozen Hearth DLC.

Nobody Saves the World It is, without doubt, among the top enjoyable and well-loved dungeon crawlers of recent years, just released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming “Frozen Hearth” DLC. The huge update is due to launch on the 13th of September.

You can watch the entire trailer, including gameplay footage from the latest games, on PlayStation’s YouTube channel:

Nobody Saves the World boasts an impressive amount of personality from the developers Drinkbox Studios, who is perhaps best known for the action-platformer Guacamelee!, another surprise game that was a huge success.

To Switch and PlayStation players, Nobody Saves the World’s DLC is scheduled to be released within a few months after the launch. However, even after the first rollout in January, this is an impressive and pleasing rate.

There’s plenty of brand-new content, including more types, abilities, and new challenges. The majority of this was anticipated however, it’s also a lot of fun and the game’s developers organically connect these new features to the game’s story in a funny and entertaining manner.

The story is centered on The Tempering, a rough contest in the subsurface region. Its Killer Bee and Mechanic forms are smart and the footage shows the possibility of some interesting skills.

And then there’s the odd mini-golf update. This is a mode that doesn’t necessarily need to be part of this game but it appears to be a fantastic option that’s sure to be a hit with the fans.

The additions of this kind are in fact true to the character of the aesthetic that is Nobody Saves the World and it isn’t a surprise to see more bizarre challenges or updates similar to this in the near future.

Some players who aren’t familiar with the game may be somewhat awed by the bizarre aspects in the game Nobody is Saved the World, but the developers are completely in their niche and excel at it. So, if you take to the game It’s a very enjoyable and enjoyable game.


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