Games Inbox: PlayStation losing its mojo, the Spider-Man 2 co-op hopes, and the Xenoblade Chronicles

God Of War Ragnarok doesn’t know when it will be out (pic: Sony), but it never seems to be new.

The Tuesdays page criticizes Fallout 4’s reputation. However, the reader is not expecting an earlier Eiyuden Chronicle to have more than 100 characters.

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Wait for somethingI doubt that the truth is, but Sony keeps it secret. Why wouldn’t they simply announce the date if they couldn’t see another post before October? Microsoft already had their event. They won’t be having another one in a hurry and I’m sure Sony doesn’t consider Nintendo to be a direct competitor, so what’s all the fuss?

It is only true that it does not sound like they will announce when God of War Ragnarok comes out. The news reports that it is not yet known if the game will be officially announced for this month. However, rumours suggest that it would. I will be curious if they make that announcement in a second blog entry.

Everything has happened to Xbox over the years, and I’ve started to worry about my PlayStation 5 as a result. Why isn’t Sony keeping up with the latest news? Why don’t they give us something positive to look forward too? What should we be looking forward to? The PS Plus redesign was a huge failure and I had no idea what the next step would bring.

It’s going to be an exciting experience for the next generation. I have saved the files to download Sniper Elite 5 & Ninja Turtles, and to defend Jurassic World Evolution 2, so I can enjoy three different and excellent games.

Game Pass encourages you to do things that don’t normally happen to you. I’m a good sport for a game and don’t feel guilty.

The Xbox X feels like a next-generation experience, just as with Game Pass, 4K, and fibre optic broadband. It is superior in every way: speed, size and diversity. It’s a lot more fun than the previous generation, overall.

It is likely that Spider-Man 2 will be shown by Sony when they become a real player. It’s obvious that Venom will play a large part of this. It’s easy to see who was in the first game and guess the rest.

My big question is whether there will be a co-op. This is probably why Miles Morales was created. It would be quite wild for an open-world game like this to allow co-op, especially with all of the story dialogue going at once.

This is the best way to go. It will provide new gameplay. However, I don’t know if it’s technically feasible. It’s okay, I am excited to think about it.


It’s time to go back. One thing I know I would enjoy is the current game drought. It makes me want to revisit retro games I have never played before. I currently own a PS1 and have played the entire Metal Gear Solid once again.

Silent Hill was a little creepier during its toll. He’s an old game and it was a bit boring at the time. But it has remained terrifying. The most enjoyable part was the second. I didn’t expect Suikoden 2.

It’s very similar to a SNES video game. Graphics weren’t as important to me but I was deeply involved in the story and strategy. I also felt guilty for not feeling more connected to the audience. I hope that the spiritual sequel (which is a word I cannot spell but hopefully GC can) will be true. I’m interested in modern versions of the game, especially if they are done by the same team.

I heard Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes speak to me. This will continue for the next year.

Familiar storyHello! I’m late to the party. I was able to catch up on the Obi-Wan series on Disney. The only thing that has disappointed me so far is the Fallen Order. Apart from Reva being the main character, the story is almost identical to Trilla’s, though it lacks basic plotting, dialogue and acting.

The entire episode was very similar to the ending of Fallen Order except that it contained more stupiders and less excitement. It was almost as if I had thought of the ending, and where it would take them. I just wanted to recopy it.

Fallen Order was sold over ten million times. They didn’t think anyone would notice.

Lost TreasureFantastic news is coming so I hope that when they do it, they will at least be something reasonable high. If I was Microsoft, I would instantly snap them up and give them all the money in return for an exclusive deal and internet kudos.

Without understanding the game, I cannot do that. Although it seems like the most popular question, I’m not sure if anyone would actually ask that question. I would love to see any sequels to their stuff, Ikaruga to Mischief Makers. But, one of them will be considered a priority, unless they are in high demand.

It would be more obvious to Japanese fans if it was. I would also tell you that I will purchase it if it is released. I can’t even imagine what I would do if it made me go back to Japan.

Keep checking back for the next PlayStation Direct. The Nintendo Direct is not about Xenoblade Chronicles 3. What’s the paw sketch of this monkey from The Simpsons? !

Xenoblade was not announced for release in a matter of months. It’s starting to feel like the games industry has put up a sign saying “Out to Lunch”, and that it doesn’t intend to return to the earliest Christmas.

Evolutionary pathI’ve been hearing a lot about Fallout 4 lately. It seems that the best way to find the latest game is to compare it to Starfield, rather than to fantasy. Bethesdas is Fallout 4. This game was well-thought of, and I can tell you that I remember it being good. However, it seems like a long time ago and I don’t think I’ll be returning to it soon considering how long it took.

It’s not an issue if there is revisionist history regarding Bethesdas games. I believe there are two classic Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles. They were great games when they were good.

Oblivion may not be as popular as Skyrim, and I can understand those who say New Vegas is better than the number of sequels. However, I think all these games are good and deserve to be remembered for their contribution to the idea that first-person open-world role-players.

People sometimes dismiss older games because they don’t age as well in certain areas. Sonic the Hedgehog is not criticized because it lacks modern checkpoints. I think people shouldn’t be critical of old school or its tanks that have been enacted. It is exactly the same as it was in 1994, and it’s not like it’s impossible to play now. We wouldn’t be able to play the amazing games that we have today if we didn’t have these innovations back in those days.

Inbox i.p. Inbox i.p.

My comment about the Elden Ring’s best character, Iron Fist Alexander, was not what I expected. Iron Fist Alexander is clearly the man pot. Tosh is amazing.

Gonch, a reader suggested the subject of this weekend’s Inbox. He asked what is the easiest video game that you have ever played.

It is not enough to debate unusually difficult games. But what about games that are more costly than usual? Which game do you consider to be the most enjoyable or really special?

Are you a fan of easy games? If that is the case, then why didn’t you play harder games? What did you enjoy about playing? Would it have been better or worse if it were harder?


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