Genshin Impact 3.1 reveals new bosses and desert map

September 16, 2022

Genshin Impact version 3.1 will bring the huge desert of Sumeru as well as new bosses to be defeated!

Genshin Impact version 3.1 has numerous thrilling features to showcase the game, including a brand-new map, and some of the most formidable bosses!

This Special Programming Livestream stream for Genshin Impact version 3.1 has been eagerly anticipated by fans because it will cover the forthcoming features of the second-anniversary update. Alongside the forthcoming character banners and events that are time-bound, fans are also looking forward to learning about the new regions in the new Sumeru map, as well as the brand new bosses to be faced with the next version. Take a look at Genshin Impact’s Genshin Impact version 3.1 “King Deshret and the Three Magi” Trailer, thanks to Genshin Impact’s official YouTube channel:

Sumeru is believed to be the most explored area in Teyvat which has both forest and desert environments. It was made accessible with the launch of version 3.0 and was later made available to some areas in the Sumeru region that are not accessible until now. The leaks previously mentioned that the 3.1 updates will allow access to the vast desert area. Data miner Project Celestia claims that even though the desert will be open but there will be an area of around 31% of Sumeru that remains unreleased.

Recently The 3.1 Special Program provides players with the first glimpse of the extensive desert region of Sumeru also which is also known as the Deshret Desert. It is believed to be the location where the ancient kingdom of King Deshret stood prior to. The ancient kingdom was believed to be a technologically advanced place as well as rich and beautiful surroundings. The main attraction of the vast dunes includes the Mausoleum for King Deshret which appears to be a massive burning torch that is visible from afar.

While exploring through the Deshret deserts, they could meet the new boss, known in the form of ” The Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network.” It is believed as a perpetual motion machine from the past civilization that controls the ruins of machines scattered across the vast desert. Another boss, dubbed”the ” Aeonblight Drake,” is also expected to appear. It’s a dragon-shaped combat machine, and is believed to be the strongest of all the Ruin Drakes found in Sumeru.

The content presented in the 3.1 Special Program created the anticipation of fans rise dramatically. In all likelihood, Genshin Impact 3.0 is on the verge of being completed which will bring the release date of version 3.1 closer.


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