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Genshin Impact Courage is in the Heart World Quest guide

Genshin Impact Courage is in the Heart World Quest guide

Help Arashakun to find courage through the game World Quest!

Courage is found in the heart in the name of a Sumeru World Quest where you discover a talisman close to the empty Aranara home. Through the use of clues in a diary the player along with Paimon meets Arashakun, who requires your assistance in finding his strength.

How to unlock Courage is available in Genshin Impact’s Heart Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

To gain access to the World Quest, you first have to be able to complete The Static Views. After that, go towards the area marked in the picture below. When you’re near the spot, Paimon will exclaim that it resembles one of the areas identified in the Mysterious Clipboard. Beat those Hilichurls to earn an item in the quest known as the Florescent Talisman which will start the Courage is part of Heart World Quest. Heart World Quest.

unlock the Courage

How can you finish your Courage can be found in Heart Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

After obtaining the Quest Item, head inside the Aranara house and interact with the Inconsistently-Written Notes. The notes will provide you with an important clue. Arashakun is the Aranara who wrote the notes is seeking bravery in the cave to the east.

The entrance to the cave is located in the region that is highlighted in the photo above. Enter the cave and follow the trail until you come to a moist clearing that is populated by an Hydro Slime. You must defeat this hydro Slime to get Arashakun to descend from the massive mushroom. Chat with Arashakun to offer him the Flower Talisman to boost his confidence. Talk to him once more and take the quest marker to the spot for The Furry Dragon Mask.

Defeat the Hydro Slime

You can put Dendro to the Clusterleaf of Cultivation the arrow points to in the above image to create Four-Leaf Sigils that you can use to go to the area designated for quests. Once you’re on the huge mountain, defeat all the Hilichurls and then talk to Arashakun to complete your World Quest. Then you’ll be able to gain access to your Wonders of the World Achievement known as “As the Lion Hunted for Courage.