Genshin Impact Mika design and release date speculations

September 17, 2022

While we don’t have any specific information on Genshin Impact’s Mika as of yet, however, there are many theories and leaks to keep us wondering. Learn more about it here.

When a brand new name is revealed within Genshin Impact you can be sure it will appear on a subreddit called r/mains in a matter of hours, along with a range of speculation and leaks being discussed. This is the case with the new, anonymous persona, Genshin Impact’s Mika who’s currently cooking an explosive storm in the community.

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Of course, Hoyoverse is yet to provide any specific information about Genshin Mika from Impact and we’ll bring you as up-to-date as they can. However, for the moment we’ve put together all the crumbs of information we’ve uncovered regarding this mysterious new character and put it here for you to peruse. Take the leaks with an eye on the ball They’re all susceptible to change when Genshin Mika‘s full-length release.

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 Genshin’s Mika

Who is Genshin’s Mika?

Based on leaks from a reputable leaker UBatcha Genshin Impact’s Mika is set to be a future cryo polearm model, however, we’re not sure if he’s expected to become a four-star model or five-star.

We first got a glimpse of him via the Genshin Impact 3.1 Livestream, indicating that we’ll be able to meet him in the next update. In the stream, he introduces himself as an officer for the Reconnaissance Company, then goes to read the letter from Grand Master Varka. He’s often stumbling across his words and swaying nervously.

Despite his quiet demeanor, It is believed that Mika is in charge of undertaking expedition missions and that he was once a surveyor for Eula’s group, prior to when the Grand Master made him a crucial part of the scouting frontline team. Despite his position, Mika is known that he shy and anxious when it comes to other people.

Mika is big eyes that are sleepy and sleepy, as well as messy blonde hair. He has the same look as Genshin Impact’s Xiao or Genshin Impact’s Bennett. His clothes are the blue, white, and gold color scheme, similar to the uniforms worn by The Knights of Favonious, and Mika wears a variety of feathers or wing-like symbols.

Genshin Mika’s release date theories

As previously mentioned in the previous paragraph, as mentioned above, Genshin Impact Livestream suggested that we’ll see Mika at first in the game during 3.1 which is set to be released on the 28th of September.

But the date of his release and banner isn’t clear. There aren’t any confirmed details regarding that, but numerous other Genshin Influence Sumeru characters have been introduced to the story before they have an official banner. It’s possible that he’ll be added to our roster in the near future and we’ll be sure to keep this page updated whenever we learn more.

This is all we have about Genshin’s Mika currently. If you’re looking to plunge into a brand new, exciting world adventure, look up the Tower of Fantasy characters guide and Tower of Fantasy tier list.


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