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Genshin Impact mod shows Adult Paimon as a playable character

Genshin Impact mod shows Adult Paimon as a playable character

Genshin Impact’s mods largely revolve around the idea of replacing one model with a new one. In this case, Adult Paimon utilizes Kokomi’s assets. These kinds of changes are generally considered odd since modders often make a crossover between several games, for instance, the inclusion of GTA San Andreas’ CJ into the world of Tivat.

Although the Traveler’s floating friend is a character from the game, an even larger Humanoid version of her doesn’t exist. Therefore, the concept of an Adult Paimon is very distinct. The model comes from @jared_nyts on Twitter and the actual mod was created by cybertron231 using GameBanana.

Did you know that there’s the Genshin Impact mod featuring Adult Paimon?


The video begins as the camera moves around the Adult Paimon. Then she starts moving around and engage in the Kokomi’s normal attacks. The graphics of these attacks remain the same because this mod is merely about changing the model of the character.

There’s not a voice actor. Therefore, travelers won’t be able to be able to hear Kokomi talking while a totally distinct character is performing all her attacks. The whole gameplay montage runs about two minutes long and the primary focus is the appearance of Adult Paimon.

She’s no longer an emergency food source. It’s important to note that the video features a mod made available on the 7th of August 2022 by cybertron231. Additional information and, in particular, the download link to download, will be provided in the following section.

Download link and mod information

Download link and mod information

Adult Paimon performing the Kokomi’s Elemental Burst (Image via cybertron231)

Here’s a link to the entire mod made by cybertron231:

Genshin Impact mods come in different varieties, with this classified as the “skin” on GameBanana. It’s important to note the fact that this Genshin Impact mod doesn’t change any aspect of the character’s model.

Mods like these kinds are mods are generally employed on private servers as Genshin Impact is an online multiplayer game. However, the modder in question has many different Genshin Impact mods that might appeal to players.

Related mods

An altered version of the Cloud Strife character from Final Fantasy 7 (Image via cybertron231)

Related mods

If anyone would like to go through their complete Mods page Here is the link:

  • cybertron231

In any case, here’s an unofficial list of related material:

  • Zeke is a character from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (replaces Itto)
  • Sonic Speed Sayu
  • Cloud Strife (replaces Diluc)
  • Nia is a character from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (replaces Kokomi)
  • Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (replaces Jean)
  • Aponia is from Honkai Impact 3rd (replaces Rosaria)
  • Statue of Jotaro (replaces the massive Mondstadt statue)
  • Morag is from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (replaces Jean)
  • Pyra was taken from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (replaces Hu Tao)
  • Yae Miko Maid
  • Jean who has her hair down
  • Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (replaces Keqing)
  • Artoria Pendragon of the Fate series (replaces Noelle)
  • Raiden Shogun alt
  • Space Mona

If players enjoy random crossovers that happen in Genshin Impact, you should look into the mods. Be sure to not use them on the official version of Genshin Impact to prevent any possible bans.