Genshin Impact Resonating Visions: all Phantasmal Conch locations

This is where you can find all the Phantasmal Conches required to unlock Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum costume for free in the Genshin Impact summer update

Are you looking for Phantasmal Conches at the Genshin Impact Resonating Visions Event? You are there, MiHoyo is celebrating Summer in the anime video again with the Genshin Impact update . Participate in Resonating Visions and receive every Phantasmal conch to get a new Genshin Impact outfit.

The Golden Apple Archipelago has returned with all the Phantasmal Conches that you need. To access the Golden Apple Archipelago and the Resonating visions event, Adventure Rank 32 must be attained. To reach the archipelago, you must complete the quest Summertime Odyssey – I. You can climb mountains and cross water to reach your conches. Our maps below will help you locate all Phantasmal Conch Locations.

All Act 1 Phantasmal conches

You can now retrieve the first 14 Phantasmal Conch locations before the second wave releases.

Twinning Isle is home to three Phantasmal Conches. To get to the first two, use the Twinning Isle north routepoint. Face south, climb to the top of the mountain. The summit is north east, where you’ll find a conch. For a second, descend south-west to the shore. Use the Twinning Isle south point to cross the water to reach the island to your east. The Echoing Conch is just in front of your, slightly inland.

There are four Phantasmal Conches that you can collect on Broken Isle. Teleport to the Broken Isle Waypoint to find out more. There are two conches to your left and two on your right. You can slide down the mountain facing north-west, where you will find a conch on a rock below. Continue north to find a second conch on a nearby rock.

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To reach the Broken Isle conches remaining, you can either travel on foot or teleport to the Broken Isle waypoint to return to your destination. You will now glide in a north-easterly direction to another conch on a rock near the water. You will find the fourth conch on a separate island. Follow the southern shoreline to your next PhantasmalConch.

Next, teleport directly to Pudding Isle. A Phantasmal conch awaits you at the waypoint. If you glide to the water’s edge, another is located just south of the waypoint. You will find the third and final Pudding Isle Conch at the western edge. Follow the shoreline.

Teleport to Minacious Isle to find the Phantasmal Conch location. Then, head south to the rocky area. To reach the other conch, you will need to climb the rock face. The Imaging Conch is located at the top of the mountain. The one above is easy to locate. You can locate it among the vines and rocks using our mini-map and the maps below.

Teleport to the middle island’s waypoint and then head south-west towards the camp. The campsite’s centre is home to an Imaging Conch, which can be found in a crate.

All Act 2 Phantasmal conches

We have the first 14 conches, but we will update this section when new locations become available.

New Fischl Ein Immernachtstraum outfit in the shop

You can still purchase the Fischl outfit even if you aren’t ranked high enough to take part in the Genshin Impact ResonatingVisions event. After the event is over and Genshin Impact3.0 has been released, Fischl will have Ein Immernachtstraum available for purchase for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

Genshin Impact Resonating Visions – Rewards

Here are the Genshin Impact Recsonating Visions Rewards:

  • Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit
  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Mystic Enhancement Oil
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Talent Ascension Materials

This is the complete list of all Phantasmal Conch locations in the Genshin Impact Resonating Visions events. Get ready for Fischl’s transformation. Take a look at Fischl’s Genshin Impact Tier List. Also, take a look to the new character Heizou.

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