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Genshin Impact’s Wiki is so massive it now has its own speedrun

Genshin Impair’s Wiki is, as you might imagine, vast. It could even be considered a complete game, complete with its own speedrun.

Enviosity is a Genshin YouTube streamer. Other accolades include finishing Floor 12 in the Abyss using only free characters and defeating the weekly boss Azhdaha with no damage. They have also proven themselves to be a true Archon, fighting through the game’s massive Wiki, from start to finish, in a world-record time.

It is, however. It’s not a speedrun, it’s not ranked, and no one is competing for it. However, it’s still a challenge that Genshin fans can take on. Enviosity’s Run is simple. You use a random generator and navigate as fast as you can from one page to the next. You can’t use the navigation bars or contents. Also, you can’t click back or forward. To get to Reckless Pallad (the NPC from Venti’s story quest), you must use quick scrolling and clicking and an encyclopaedic knowledge about Genshin Impact.

It sounds easy, and Enviosity does it with ease. In less than a minute, Enviosity can go from Kamisato Ayaka into Yelan.

Then you have a curveball. In seven and a quarter minutes, you can navigate from Serenitea pot, which allows you to create your own home in , up to Timme (an obscure NPC in Monstadt), It was impossible with Enviosity, but perhaps your Genshin Impact knowledge can.