Girls Connect Codes – Idle RPG Game – September 2022

September 15, 2022

Girls Connect codes – Idle RPG by EskyfunUSA. All redeem codes available – Use these promo codes to get diamonds, gold, scrolls, and other exclusive rewards


These promo codes are valid for Diamonds, Gold, Scrolls, and other exclusive benefits

Girls Connect Codes – Full List

These are all available codes:

  • DSFNAKNZ – Redeem code for diamond x50 and Advanced Summon Covenant x2, as well as Gold x300K (Valid through September 20th, 2022 (New)
  • WindiaNata Redeem code to get some rewards (New).
  • Myrtle Redeem code to get some rewards
  • HTML666 Redeem code to get some rewards
  • HTML777 Redeem code to get some rewards
  • HTML888 Redeem code to get some rewards
  • GC999 Redeem code to get some rewards
  • HTML2022 Redeem code to get some rewards
  • Punipun Redeem code to get some rewards
  • Baobao– Get some rewards by redeeming the code
  • Ri – Get some rewards by redeeming the code
  • Akaei Redeem code to get some rewards
  • FBLikeUS Redeem code to get some rewards
  • Joingc– Get some rewards with this redeem code
  • seanb– Get some rewards by redeeming the code
  • shourizehobby Redeem code to get some rewards

This list of valid codes will be kept up to date. Follow us to see every new code added as soon as they become available.

The channels that announce codes on Girls Connect social media channels are the ones for which they are available:

  • Twitter: ? ?
  • TikTok: ? ?
  • YouTube: ? ?
  • Discord: ? ?
  • Facebook:
  • Google Play: You can download Google Play here.
  • Apple: Download the link

We will update the list, even though you don’t have to.

Expired codes

These codes are no longer valid:

  • Release – Get some rewards with this redeem code

How to use Girls Connect Codes How do I redeem?

These are the steps required to redeem codes

  1. Tap the Profile icon, located at the top left of the game screen.
  2. You will see a new window, click on the Settings tab.
  3. In the “text redemption area”, enter the codes that we have provided.
  4. You will instantly be rewarded in-game if you click on the “exchange” button.

If you have any questions, this video guide will answer them.

About Girls Connect

At the end of the old divine war, the gods were destroyed and dark forces emerged. As the Mercenary’s commander, you will explore the Land of Eileen and meet stunning women to form the strongest girl legion.

Deep RPG Features

Collect Me, Connect Me

  • As you travel the Land of Eileen, you will meet beautiful young girls with many different appearances and personalities.
  • You can build the strongest girl legion by gathering strong waifu girls and strengthening your relationships with the heroes.
  • Gifts can be given to deepen connections and to savor tender shy moments.

Evolving Strategic Freedom

  • Light, Darkness, and Water! Wind and fire! Five distinct attributes are repressed by each other.
  • Shock, Curse. Freeze, Burn. Poison. Drain Rage.
  • You can unleash powerful special abilities by using a variety of skills and characters!
  • As you build your ultimate combatant team, adjust and improve your strategy with each passing turn.

Enjoy hassle-free autoplay

  • You can set up your warrior team in just one tap. Then, you can go hands-free!
  • Throughout the game, multiple battlegrounds may engage in simultaneous combat. Don’t wait!
  • You can then turn the tide of combat by strategically adjusting your squad’s front and back rows to blitz all high CP PVE stages.
  • Gacha role-playing games need not be boring. Enjoy the idle pastime while earning rewards

Level Sync & Easy Train

  • Only five heroines are trained and all girls are at the same level.
  • You can reclaim all your resources with the hero reset function. You don’t have to worry about material waste.

Famous Japanese CVs speak for themselves

  • Akari Kit, Rie Kuggimiya, and Sakura Tange bring all the beautiful girls to life.
  • Enjoy a full-length story with beautifully animated visuals and smooth sound! It’s never boring to be among the gals!


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