Goat Simulator 3 gameplay reveal shows off the herd wreaking havoc

We’re very sorry to announce Goat Simulator 3 has gameplay. Goat Simulator 3 features gameplay.” These are the words of the developer and publisher, Coffee Stain, keeping in the tradition of explosions, chaos, and goat-shaped toys.

Although we have an idea of what we can be expecting from the bizarre simulation game Gamescom Opening Night Live treated us with the first glimpse at how to play Goat Simulator 3. It’s definitely an experience that will build on the previous one, with even more mysteries to discover as well as more multiplayer options to explore and even performing some yoga with goats.

Goat Simulator 3 follows directly in the footsteps of the first Goat Simulator (yes, they did skip 2) and is centered around puzzle-solving, exploration and destruction, of course, by any means. Goats can appear as gentle creatures with strange eyes however, they are not in Goat Simulator 3, they are just agents of chaos.

The game features the possibility of alien weapons to experiment with and minigames that could be played at any time as well as an underground goat society that could be akin to an occult I’m sure. However, we all are aware that a cult of goats isn’t odd on the streets of San Angora. There’ll be vehicles are able to drive into any kind of thing or person and it’s not just innocent civilians and petrol stations.

The mini-games include seven you can anticipate; Headsplat lets you paint the world with your horns the Floor is Lava sees you making use of your parkour skills to avoid falling as well as Prop Hunt, which plays out in the traditional way of hide and seek but using props (well as authentic as you can get as it is in Goat Simulator 3).

Goat Simulator 3 will have multiplayer that allows at least four people to let loose their goatential as well as an additional set of cosmetics, to make you make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Anyone who wants for a game like Goat Simualtor 3 will have to wait until November 17when the the main character Pilgor and her family of friends will be available on PC through Epic, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


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