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Golf With Your Friends reveals free Sports Update for September

Golf With Your Friends reveals free Sports Update for September

The golf game With Your Friends has announced an update for free, which includes enhancements on the Hockey and Dunk modes.

Golf with Your Friends is an incredibly fun mini-golf club that is releasing a new teaser trailer for their forthcoming Sports Update that is due to go live on the 15th of September. Players can look forward to improvements in Hockey and Dunk, in addition to a brand new sports-themed cosmetics pack available that can be purchased.

The game will be available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. There’s a glimpse at some of the games on this page, but it’s surprisingly condensed:

Golf With Your Friends was created by Team17 Indie developers as well as publishers that have continuously been a part of and created a number of highly entertaining and clever games, including Overcooked as well as Worms. They have also unveiled Ship of Fools, a co-op rogue lite that is about adventures and monsters at the ocean.

Golf With Your Friends struck incredibly controlled chaos in multiplayer. The game’s course and the mechanics are absurd enough to make for some enjoyment without getting too boring. Overall, it’s an enjoyable game. It also helps that it’s accessible via Game Pass for Xbox subscribers. It’s also more slushy as compared to other mini-golf games.

The update isn’t exactly spectacular because it’s still too unclear even in its official blog article. The initial improvement of that of the Hockey or Dunk modes talks about “enhancements”, which could refer to anything at all.

The team also states that the gamers will have utilize Powerup options for these game modes, as well as Hockey’s goal and Floor tiles will also be replaced.

The cosmetics pack includes 5 hats, 2 floaties as well as 2 stickers and 1 Trail. even though it’s not very exciting however, it’s not too expensive neither. This program is more of an money purchase. Although the update is completely free but the cosmetics that link the update together aren’t. The fall season is an opportunity missed to provide more football content.