Good Company have no prior access to corporate management sim

Good Company, a simulation of corporate management, was released by Chasing Carrot and The Irregular Corporation. It was released in early access on Steam and has received hundreds of positive reviews.

Image source: The RRF Corporation.

Good Company is an electronic newsletter. The players can manage production chains and re-use logistics, as well as contract contracts. They can also sell products to the market. All of this will begin with a simple startup in a garage, but the company will grow over time.


Players must invest in materials, recruit more employees, conduct research, and invent new technologies to increase the product line. Good Company will develop a logistics system that makes it easy to work in a comfortable environment. It divides the office into five zones.

Good Company is launching a campaign and holding experiments. These experiments are free and cooperative (upto four people). This project is only compatible with computers (Steam/GOG/Epic Games Store).

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