Google Cloud employee calculates to 100 trillion decimal places new record

Google Cloud employee calculates to 100 trillion decimal places new record

Luckily, the designer of Google Cloud Emma Haruka Iwao and a number of her colleagues claimed that they held one of the first to count of the Pi number, which is now one hundred trillion decimal points of the constant.

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The team she and her colleagues set broke records in the year 2019, and later were able to complete a calculation with the accuracy of 304,4 trillion figures. The study conducted by researchers at the Graubunden University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland) demonstrated a dazzling precision that was 62.8 trillion characters in the year prior. It is evident to Google personnel that latest results can be viewed on the internet. The company is currently in discussion regarding people from the Guinness Book of Records that discusses the challenges of registering an achievement that is new.

In addition to what As Ms. Iwao herself said, computing the decimal place of pi provides a means to measure the growth of computing power. Her mission is to demonstrate visually how powerful Google Cloud, so she employed his tools. This year, the project required 121 days for completion and beat records by nine trillion characters. The computation time varied between 23hrs 31 minutes and 7,651 seconds. So, employing the same techniques and tools computers were twice as speedily. It took 82,000TB of information to be processed.


The project’s leader provided some interesting information. It will take over 3,1 million years to process the entire 100 trillion-digit number in one second. The 100 trillion anniversary billionth trillion decimal point of pi has zero.

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