Google Snake Game Menu Mod (2022)

Google Snake Game Mod – This guide will show you how to unlock the menu mod and customize the appearance of the snake.


It’s not surprising that classics such as the snake game still get played despite the abundance of high-level games available. It’s also surprising to note that Google’s Snake Game is the most popular of all the options. This is because it is the most basic.


Mods are a great way to make the game more enjoyable, especially if you’re a regular user of the google snake games. Learn how to play Snake Block

This guide will help you do exactly that. Mods and how to make the game better. Also, what you can do with these mods.


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The Snake Game is one the most popular Google Doodle Games. Also, check out the other Google Best Doodle Games.

Google Snake Game Mod – Simple guide

This is the best section for you if you’re already a regular user of mods, chrome bookmarks, and google doodle. If not, we will explain it in detail in the next section.

  • Get Google Snake Men Mod ( Link here).
  • Open Chrome bookmark manager
  • Bookmark: Import Google Snake Menu Mod
  • Click on “MoreMenu.html
  • Start the Snake game
  • Finally, Open “More Menu Stuff”
  • You can now play the entire Snake mod menu

Google Snake Game Mod – Step by Step Guide

This guide will help you to learn how to use mods, bookmarks, and google doodles.


  1. Click the Mod link >
  2. Download the file (first of the x3 assets).
  3. You can download the “MoreMenu.html file here (or to your internet browser downloading location if it has been changed)
  4. This HTML page can be imported back into your browser
  5. Click on Chrome > click on Bookmarks > then Bookmark Manager > then the three vertical dots buttons > Import Bookmarks > Select the “MoreMenu.html file that you just downloaded
  6. You will now see an imported folder in the bookmark manager’s left menu
  7. Open a new Chrome tab. Type in google snake and click on play.
  8. Before clicking on the second play button, click on the Chrome three vertical dots icon
  9. Go to “Bookmarks” >Goto “Imported” >Click «More Menu Stuff»
  10. You can now unblock all items by clicking on the gear icon in the Snake Game. You can choose the items you wish, change the color of the snake and set up the game however you like.

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