Gran Turismo 7 adds new cars and a new racetrack

The more, the merrier!

Grand Turismo 7 now has version 1.17 – it includes 3 new vehicles, a racetrack, and a new menu.


Gran Turismo is getting a major update. The game features three new vehicles and a historic racetrack. The Pikes Peak Escudo is the 1932 Ford Roadster and the new Suzuki Vision model are the new cars. New York’s Watkins Glen is the track, and it hosted the first formula One Grand Prix for twenty years. The Watkins Glen track is dense, dynamic and dense. It has two halves. One focuses on high-speed sections while the other is more technical, with tight turns and fast pacing.

Gran Turismo Cafe now offers a new version of the Gran Turismo Cafe’s menu. These three items are from the Toyota 86 Collection as well as the Rotary Engine Collection. The new menu options can only be unlocked at very high collector levels, which means that players must complete other Gran Turismo menu books.

Gran Turismo 7 was launched March 2022 for the first time in three months. The game is known for being one of the greatest driving games ever and has received 96 points in our COGconnected gaming review. Gran Turismo 7 can only be purchased on the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5.


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