Gran Turismo 7 Dropped from 2022 FIA Motorsport Video Games eSports Pageant

Gran Turismo’s esports partner and the FIA-Royal Games seem to be near the end of this process. Although the International Federation of Automotive (FIA), has announced its decision to eliminate gran Turismo 7 from the sports class of 2022 FIA Motor Vehicle Game’s, it is not surprising that the FIA branding was removed and banned from the sport.


In 2020, the FIA created a video gaming tournament called Neodoming. Covid-19 tried to play in the Motorsport Video games. However, they were too risky to participate in the 2022 FIA FIA video games that took place in October. Between the two events, Polyphonic Video Games launched Gran Turismo 7, which was based on less eSports than the predecessor. Although the FIA Gran Turismo Championships are FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships would also be considered, there isn’t a clear answer.

The squat is clear. With the FIA transparent solution, which was already known through GT Planet, Gran Turismo’s best solution can be applied to the latest tournament. Participants will race in digital GT3 vehicles within the sport. The developer can also create a custom model of the chosen monitor for avid gamers who don’t want to stop practicing and getting bonuses. The final touches to esports will be made on October 27th with the general taking place on October 29th. Gran Turismo is a franchise that won’t allow too much publicity for eSports, as it keeps its own and professional esports collections.

The makers of Alien: Isolation are creating a new sci-fi FPS in different locations. The professional announcement of the limited edition Sony gaming headsets was highly praised.

PlayStation LifeStyle: The submit Gran Turismo 7 Competition has been dropped from 2022 FIA Motorsport Games eSports Competition.


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