Grand strategy society simulator Victoria 3 will be released October 25

Grand strategy society simulator Victoria 3 will be released October 25

The revolutionary changes of the century between 1836 and 1936 are in your hands.

Paradox Interactive has provided an October 25 date for the release of Victoria 3.

The deeply rooted socio-economic and political simulation game is set in the 18th century a period that saw dramatic social and technological change.

You’ll be tasked with not just feeding your growing populace, but also meeting the demands of their politicians to grow or keep the power. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to make legislation and social reforms that be in line with the desires of your people or to “impose a brighter future” on a nation that might not be awed by your innovative methods.

The game is where you’ll change the course of history by playing as one among a myriad of nations from the Victorian Era. This includes Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Qing China, Japan as well as Colonial Canada.

Each person in your country is represented as a farmer, clerk or craftsman, capitalist or crafter every one of them has personal opinions, beliefs, and the standard of living they must keep. To aid your citizens, you’ll have to expand your economy by creating new institutions and industries Trade surplus goods and services with the international market and importing the things that your citizens might require to live.

In terms of diplomatic relations, you could fight the war, but you are also able to negotiate things at the table of negotiations. In case you are in difficulties, you may solicit help from allies and make demands on the weaker nations or those with a rival.

Reforms and laws in your country can help you deal with the different political groups while playing the map, it will change as the newly built railways connect cities in the process of forming that were just hamlets a few decades ago.



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