Green Hell Map Detailed

Welcome To The Green Hell Map Detailed/ All places valid in Green Hell marked on the map: base camp, dock, jeeps, elevators, airfields, drug labs, oasis, anaconda islands and more


Green Hell Map Detailed: Locations marked on the map

It contains all locations and a complete Green Hell map. Click on the Map to Enlarge. We recommend that you download it and then expand it to have peace of mind.

You can see a variety of interesting places on the map, including:

  • Main Base (Story Mode).
  • Omega Camp (MAP + Lab in Story Mode)
  • Dock (Fish/Water Filter / 4P Spear/ Rusty Axe).
  • Elevator (Story Mode/Mine Camp for Grappling Hook).
  • Airfield (MAP and Climbing Area)
  • Drug Lab (MAP + Pot / Water Collectors / Machete in Survival +)
  • Anaconda Island (Fishing Pool/ Praun Trap).
  • Cave Locations
  • Grappling hook and Climbing Spots
  • Divers Locations
  • Grappling Gun
  • Bamboo Smoking Rack
  • Weapon Rack + Tribal Fire Starter
  • Drying rack + MAP in Story Mode
  • Smoker
  • Main Tribal Village


Beowulff, thank you


This map is a wonderful effort by the creator. We have a video that shows you step-by-step how to find all locations.

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