Green Lantern – Legacy sequel delayed six months

DC has delayed the release of Green Lantern: Alliance, a middle-grade graphic novel. The OGN, which is a sequel to 2020’s Green Lantern Legacy (opens in new tab), has been delayed six months and will be released on October 18.

DC also cancelled all pre-orders at comic shops and bookstores. They plan to re-solicit this book later in the year.

This book is the second in a series of OGNs written by Minh Le and illustrated by Andie Tong. It focuses on Tai Pham, a second-generation Green Lantern holder. Green Lantern: Legacy was Tai Pham’s origin story. It included his induction into the Green Lantern pantheon heroes and his first encounter with a supervillain. Pham was finally introduced to the DC continuity by appearing in The Green Lantern: Season Two #11.

As a Green Lantern: Alliance superhero, Tai Pham will become more prominent in Coast City. He’ll be balancing his superhero career with school and a job. In addition, he will also participate in Kid Flash’s first superhero team-up

Green Lantern: Alliance was initially announced in October 2021, with an April 26 2022 release. However, it could be impacted by larger supply chain issues that DC has had to address. This has led DC to make schedule changes across all its publishing lines, including comic books, collections, and OGNs.

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