GTA NoPixel RP Server Guide – Apply & Wiki

NoPixel RP server guide – Apply & Wiki – All information about Grand Theft Auto V’s best roleplaying server


You can join any of the RP Servers (Role Playing), of GTA 5 as a random character. Finding a good RP server is the hard part. You’re almost there, but we’ll explain the best servers and how you can join them.


GTA NoPixel RP Server Guide – About NoPixel

It’s possibly the best RP server in GTA 5. These servers can hold 32 players simultaneously, so you will have to wait for any gaps. There is no better place to play Roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto V than No Pixel servers.

You will need to get approval from the server owners to join. We’ll explain how to apply in the next section.

GTA NoPixel RP Server Guide – How to Apply

Go to the official server page and complete the admission form

It is very easy to fill out the information. Creators want you to use their servers properly, so their questions will focus on what you expect from the game. You shouldn’t have any difficulty getting in.

Update: NoPixel’s servers have become so popular that it is now impossible to access the site by simply filling out the application form. The application link will show that the admission process for playing directly has closed. You must become a GTA Donator if you wish to play. NoPixel is now a paid service.


You can decide to pay or not. The only thing we can say is that NoPixel, if you’re looking for RP or Roleplaying servers, is the best available at the time this guide was created.

GTA NoPixel RP Server Guide – Rules

We recommend that you carefully read the NoPixel rules before you join. You run the risk of not following the rules and being removed from NoPixel’s whitelist.

Given how difficult it can be to join this small group of GTA 5 Servers you should not risk your participation by failing to understand the rules.

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