Guerrilla Is Working On 40fps mode For Horizon Forbidden West

Against the Defendment of Hell it was awarded the highest rating for a PlayStation game in the history of the console since 1988 at the time of its release in 2000. also the notorious loss of Elden Ring thwarted in the final stages of the game following the game’s first release during November.

Guerrilla hasn’t fallen far from its thrones since the sequel’s release in the year 2000, and has since introduced a number of updates and patches to its most popular game. The latest patch comprises NG+, Ultra Hard difficulty mode, as well as a lot of glitches fixes.

However, the latest patch was crucial because it altered the 60fps performance mode. Tech expert Digital Foundry even said that the improved performance is “the best way to play” the game.


Another The Beauty of Beauty: Taking into consideration Horizon Zero Dawn’s broken whistle Mechanic was the idea from “Augly Zero” in the project “Nogly Dawn”.

To summarize this, patch 1.16 to Horizon Forbidden West significantly improved the quality of the visuals in sixty-fps, the performance mode making textures more sharp and reducing pop-in, and adding additional assets to the scene at any point.

Since the contrast of west and the west was extremely crucial, the improvement in tinsense as well as the high strength that is available in 60 frames was important however the loss of clarity in the visual quality was an additional aspect. The patch is significantly better than it was before.

Giliam de Carpentier, a senior programmers at Guerrilla disclosed that they haven’t been unproductive: “When we get back to the PS5, the team also spent a lot of time thinking about how we could make an impact on the performance, especially with the dynamic resolution system, to give us headroom to improve quality and effective resolution as well as to prepare for this update” (via Eurogamer).

If you are planning to update the game, it is recommended that you could enhance the quality of graphics by using the resolution mode as well as more frame rates in the 60fps option. Resolution mode was previously the best option, as it offered a more accurate visual representation of one’s most stunning game, and it was not prone to dropping frames. Two new updates Guerrilla is working on may fix everything.

This is known as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which reduces frame pacing and tear issues however, owners of 120Hz monitors could benefit the most since it’s running at 60fps as well. However an option of 40fp might be the best of both two worlds. These modes in between have seen new developments such as The Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart which was widely applauded for its design.

We’re not sure what VRR and 40 FPS mode will be added to Horizon Forbidden West. However, it’s great to see the game receiving such a level of assistance following its launch.

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