Hades is the first videogame to win a Hugo award

Since 1953, the Hugo Awards have been a series awarding best science fiction works. The organizers have changed the categories over the years. In 2021, the Hugo award was also presented to the best game. Hades was a roguelike that was released in 2020 and won one of the awards.

Hades has been praised numerous times since its release and will be remembered as the first videogame to receive this award. It could be the last. This special category was created by the organizers for “only the year 2021”.

This category is therefore not permanent and may be discontinued next year. The Committee is looking at expanding the criteria and creating a category to honor the Best Interactive Experience or Best Game (overall). If created, these categories would be available starting next year. They would also be permanent.\

videogame was used by event organizers to refer to any game or substantial modification of a game that was released to the public for the first time in a calendar year on any major platform. It must be related to science fiction or fantasy. The nominees included Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Spiritfarer as well as Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us: Part II, Blaseball and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Greg Kasavin (creative director and one the screenwriters for Hades) has expressed his wish through his Twitter account that these awards continue keeping the videogame world in mind. “We hope the Hugo Awards will continue to recognize work being done within this space.”

Hades was previously named Best Game at both the BAFTAs and the D.I.C.E. The Game Developers Choice Awards. It was also nominated last year for Game of the Year at The Game Awards. The game won Best Independent Game, and Best Action Game.

The Hugo Awards’ approach to the world video games is not the only one. A category entitled Best Interactive Video Game was created in 2006. However, it was not accepted into the final voting because of low interest. Comics were first awarded in 2009, and podcasts and videos only since 2012.

It is available on both PC and PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X, and costs EUR20.99. It is available as part of Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.

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