Haikyu anime series revealed to end with a two-part film in 2023

This anime-based series Haikyu will receive two parts of a sequel film which will focus on the conclusion of the manga series about sports!


Haikyu announced at its “Haikyu! !” x “V.LEAGUE” Warm-Up Event that it will end its series with a sequel to the film to release in 2023.

Haikyu was initially a Japanese illustrated manga series, serialized within Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from February 2012 until July 2020. The manga’s sports shonen is an account of the life story of young high school student Shoyo Hinata and his path to become one of the top volleyball players. Haikyu was later made into an anime series which has led to its increasing recognition across the world.

The anime sports series, Haikyu, has come far since its debut on April 6, 2014. The year before, Haikyu just premiered its fourth season, which covered its Spring Nationals arc of the manga. In 2020 the Haikyu manga series came to an end with its Timeskip series, which shifted the plot into the future in which the majority of characters have already departed from their respective pursuits. The main character, Hinata, had already played professionally in her Volleyball career.

Recently, Haikyu had its “Haikyu! !” x “V.LEAGUE” Warm-Up Event. The characters from the anime and Haruichi Furudate, the person who created Haikyu, Haruichi Furudate, attended an interview and reveal the coming Haikyu projects. The event eventually disclosed that Haikyu’s “Haikyu!! Final” film would be a sequel to the film which will focus on the final incidents in Haikyu’s tale. The film will be screened at its premiere in August of 2023.

The situation has taken a surprising twist with the announcement that there will be a Haikyu film will be released in 2023. The fans initially believed Haikyu would release Season 5 in 2022. Because there’s plenty of material in the rest of the manga series people seem to be split on the possibility of an Haikyu film, rather than a sequel to the manga adaptation. So it is possible that a two-parter movie will not be enough and it could also eliminate many of the panels from the original manga. This may not please some of the fans.

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