Haikyu X V. League event will have a live Q&A with the creator of Haikyu, Haruichi Furudate

In the Haikyuu X V.League event, those who love the anime, Haikyuu, may send questions to the author, Haruichi Furudate, to respond during the interactive Q&A sessions.


Haikyuu!!’s creator, who is also the author of its manga and anime show, Haikyuu! !, will be part of an in-person Q and A session at the coming Haikyu X V. League event. Fans will have the chance to ask questions to the authors until the event’s day.

The cult Japanese Manga and anime show Haikyu follows the life of Hinata Shoyo an unassuming boy who strives to becoming one of the best volleyball players. The Haikyu manga first appeared within Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2012 and concluded in July 2020, with an overall total of 45 distinct volumes.

In celebration of Haikyu’s anniversary in the 2022 year, It was announced at the Jump Festa event that 10 major projects are currently being developed to commemorate Haikyu’s 10th anniversary. There are currently two projects to be completed for the 2022 anniversary celebration.

The fans were astonished when a countdown was announced via Haikyu’s Haikyu’s official site Haikyu. The countdown was eventually announced as a specific Haikyu X V. League event scheduled for the 13th of August. A diverse schedule of events will be offered at the upcoming Haikyu X V. League event, which includes the live Q&A with Haruichi Furudate who is the creator of the well-known manga as well as anime. Fans eager to find out more about the creator’s work and future projects are able to submit questions via posting their queries on Twitter and using the hashtag #Jiao eteGu GuanXian Sheng which translates to “Tell me, Furudate-sensei!” Listed below is some of the Haikyu X V. Leagues activities scheduled for the 13th of August at 18:30 (JST):

  • Live Q&A session in real-time with Haruichi Furudate-sensei
  • A talk show that features “V.LEAGUE” players
  • A talk show with the “Haikyu! !” TV anime cast
  • Live performance performed by “BURNOUT SYNDROMES”

While many have believed that the countdown to relate to the Haikyu Season 5 release date rather than the Haikyu X V. League event, it’s unclear if the event will be able to mention that the anime adaptation will continue. Haikyu anime adaptation. However, fans can expect an announcement to be announced shortly, given that it is already confirmed that the fifth Season of Haikyu will be released.

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