Halo comes to Fall Guys with new Spartan Showdown cosmetics

Master Chief and others are on their way to win the fight for the crown.

It’s true! Halo will be coming to fall guys via a variety of new cosmetics including outfits and helmets for the Master Chief, Grunt, Brute, and Brute. These items are available for purchase until June 30,.

It’s important to act quickly, as you only have July 4 to grab it in what’s been called the Spartan Showdown. You can also find legendary items and limited-time events at this event for Fall Guys players.

The best thing about this announcement is how it was presented to the world. It’s a recreation from the Halo 3 Believe trailer, which was released in 2009! Slow motion shots of explosions, beans dying, and the last shot of the Brute with the Master Chief and crown in one hand are some of the things you will see.

It’s funny! This is Fall Guys, a group that is more than happy to market their family-friendly battle royale with overflowing levels of enthusiasm.

For those who are looking to end the fight on a new front, Fall Guys is available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch starting June 21. You can jump in without any barriers if you don’t like the idea of cross-play and progression.

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