Halo’s live-action TV series will premiere in March on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus dropped us some teasers that are tantalizingly short, ahead of a more meaty trailer later today. It also confirmed the date of the show’s premiere: March 24, 2022.


Although the first trailer is just 21 seconds long, it reveals a lot more about the world Halo TV series. We last saw a live-action trailer which mainly showed the people Master Chief will be featuring.

Here’s the social media tease, in all its 21-second glory.

Just a few weeks ago, the first Halo TV series trailer (opens in new window) was released. Although the teaser gave us a glimpse at Spartan soldiers, iconic Halo weapons and vehicles, it did not reveal much about the story. We’re hoping to learn more about the story later today.


The Halo TV series features Pablo Schreiber (Orange Is the New Black), Natasha McElhone(Californication), and Jen Taylor (Halo series vocal actor) as Cortana. Olive Grey (EastEnders), as Dr. Miranda Keyes, while Bokeem woodbine (Fargo), as a Spartan called Soren-066.

In related Halo news 343 Industries, a Halo Infinite developer, has confirmed that it believes has addressed the “core problem” affecting the Big Team Battle playlist (opens in new tab), but we won’t see a hotfix deploy until February 3rd “at the earliest”.

Matchmaking problems have made it hard for larger groups to jump into HALo: Infinite (opens in a new tab)’s frantic Big Team Battle playlists, and no attempts have been made to fix it(opens up in new tab). However, 343i believes it has found the solution.

343i recently confirmed that players can earn Credits starting in Season 2 (opens in new window) as part its plans to reassess its economy, shop and microtransactions. It has pledged to “reduce pricing across the board” (opens in new tab).

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